School building ravaged by Cyclone

School building ravaged by Cyclone

Kwakta, Manipur 15th April 2019: One of the worst cyclones hit some part of the Manipur on 15th April 2019. The cyclone last just for few minutes but the intensity was so high that it ravaged anything that came to its path.

Normal class was going on in the Manipur Creative School, Kwakta campus. It was just completing the first period of the day, the clear blue color of the sky turned completely dark, electricity line cut off, we hardly could see anything inside the room without light and while the darkness was still there, strong windstorm started blowing. Before one could think what to do or not, the cyclone just hit the school building and lift off everything and ravaged the whole school building in just blink of eyes. The tin sheet, timbers flew upto distance of around 500 meter and even hit some house within that just few second. The school had 12 classrooms, one hostel room, one Administrator room, one staff room, one Principal room, one prayer hall, one store room.

29 persons injured including 18 students, 10 teachers and 1 gatekeeper out of which 5 were critically injured and shifted to major hospital in Imphal. By the end of the day, 3 already got discharged after examining X-Ray and other investigation reports. One student was still in the ICU and will be there under observation for some day as doctor reported.  The number of casualties could have been more hadn’t there been timely response by the local residents and parents. Local just rushed in to rescue and taken to nearby hospital whoever they found without waiting anyone’s initiative.

The Manipur Creative School is run and managed by Education Support Society (ESS) having 9 members from different walks of life and truly inspired and moved by Millat Foundation of Education Research & Development (MFERD). The society has established two schools within 3 years. The Kwakta campus was established in 2016 and Imphal campus in 2017. Both campuses have class upto VIII. The school is recognized by State Govt. and affiliating through CBSE.


Books and Notebooks of students, Manipur Creative School, Kwakta Campus

Though the building is not pucca, it has been sustaining many hostile windstorms and other natural threats since last 3 and half years. As the school campus is now completely blown out, we have no option but to declare holiday for 45 days within which we need to restore the building so that the future of the children are not ruined. We do not have any source to get the required fund to construct the school building at such short period. As it is a mission towards building future of our country, to make more and more contributors to the society we live in, we are launching for #CrowdFunding.

We request each one of you to remember us in your prayer.

Debris of School building of Northern Block.


Southern Block of the School


Another view of Northern block. The eastern block is completely flattened.


Structure of school (northern block) before cyclone hit on 15/04/2019


Structure of the building (Southern Block) before cyclone hit on 15/04/2019

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