We have not less than 10 co-curricular activities such as English Fiesta, Grandmother’s Day, Akhlaq Show, Memory Development, Field Trips, Fruits & Vegetable Day, Community Helping Day, Health Day, Science Experiment, Graduation Ceremony, Friday Activities, Hand Writing Competition, Environment Day etc. Each activity has its own importance and help in shaping, moulding the personality of our students. A real life experiment with reference to the book’s knowledge is achieved through it.

  1. English Fiesta: It is a program which aims in building more confidence of English speaking within and outside school. The program will have various English speaking, enhancing activities like Vocabulary Competition, Spell Bee, Poet compilation, Story narration, content writing, Essay writing, Reporting and Public talks. Besides students in the group will be having an expert talk on the given topic to the public place like market, locality.
  2. Grandparents Day: Grandparents Day is observed on Muharram every year. Grandparents are the most valuable person in a children’s life after parents. They live with their grandparents most of the time. Grandparents are never given due importance by any school who otherwise could prove to be a morale booster of children. As such, we celebrate Grandparents day and invite them to the school. We give them the best comfortable hospitality on the day and allow them to witness the talents of their grandchildren. In return, they take care of grandchildren throughout the life. Such function helps in bridging the gap between children and grandparents.3.
  3. Sports Day: Annual Sports event is organised to inculcate team work, discipline besides giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents. It helps students to identify the hidden potential when an opportunity is given.
  4. Environment Day: It is observed on world’s environment day by planting one sapling in and around the school, locality, cleaning drainage, market and installing new dustbin to keep environment clean. The day teaches students about the importance of clean air, how do we get clean air and why plants and other living beings are important for us.
  5. Helping Day: Helping day is observed with a target to help one person in any form they can. The day aims to develop empathy to our children so that they grow up with core human value of caring and helping each other.
  6. Akhlaq (Discipline) Show: Akhlaq show aims to develop self discipline about their conducts in the day to day life. It will help students to learn basic etiquette like how to drink, eat, walk, meet, talk, conduct in his/her day to day life.
  7. Memory Development: It’s a workshop in which students will be taught the technique on memory development using different tools which has been using in our teaching methodology also. Students trained in such memory development activity will showcase their memory skills which will help in their life.
  8. Quiz Competition: To keep update about current happenings and historical facts, student selected internally will be sent for open quiz competition. They get more confidence when they participate in such competition in an environment other than school.
  9. Handwriting: Handwriting is an art which needs to be developed over a period of time with special program. Some students get this talent by birth while some needs to be given proper training and opportunity. Cursive writing be part of an ongoing activity in the school.
  10. Science Experiment: In this lively activity, students under the guidance of a class teacher are given project to show their project on Science Experiment Day. Children perform rudimentary experiments to learn about the world and how things work. Experiments provide insight into cause-and-effect by demonstrating what outcome occurs when a particular factor is manipulated.
  11. Friday Activity: There is an activity on every Friday which works as catalyst to gel in long lasting learning process. Creative Wonders are done after certain normal classes where every children are made free to craft what they feel making with materials provided by the school. This is one of the activity students love the most and they learn creativity skills from such events.
  12. Dream Big: It is a session not only for the students but also for the teaching staffs. We invite professional motivational speakers/educationists/entrepreneurs to have an interaction with us. Through such sessions, students are imbibed the sense of dreaming big yet achievable.