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We are part of the whole education system in the state and we are going to give a lion share of supporting and promoting the quality based education system without compromising any communities’ faith. Education Support Society (ESS) is an educational Society registered under the society registration act.


Initially we set up the model school at Kwakta under Bishnupur District and one of most Muslim dominated backward area in the state. The place is chosen for many reasons. One such reason is that the town has 2 Primary level Private School 2 Schools upto class viii, One Upto class X, Two Govt High Schools, 4 Govt Primary Schools.  Total students enrolled in the town is around 4000 while around 500 students move out of the town to the neighbouring villages in search of better education system. The success ratio is just 30% and maximum pass with mere second division marks. The number of students from Kwakta who make it through the education ladder to university education is very small. As a matter of fact, one Section Officer and One Taxation Inspector have been recently selected in the state department which is considered as the highest achievement so far. It has a notoriously low school completion rate, especially among the girl-child. It is still customary for many families to withdraw their daughters from school in order to marry them off. It is most common in Muslim communities but we are convinced that education is one that needs very urgent attention to solve all these problems.

It is a group of symbolic and highly ambitious professionals who are driven by the needs of change in the society towards education excellence and dedicatedly working for the upliftment of the society since many odd years.

ESS is originated in 2013, when the individuals in the group faced several obstacles in implementing the ideas we possess, to other institutions in the state. By the end 2014, the necessity of empowering and enriching the knowledge to the students grew so much that we decided to turn our ethics, ideology into a mission and establish an educational society in the state to provide world class education system to the educationally, economically, socially weaker section of the society.

Education is the only solutions to enlighten the world


To establish a residential school to impart quality education and nurture creativity among less-privileged section of society.


Inspire and empower future generation through Education

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